Top 5 Necessary GoPro Accessories

So you just purchased your first GoPro camera and you realize that it comes with is a few sticky mounts and attachments. What accessories should you buy to capture your favorite picture of video with? In this article, we bring together our top 5 camera accessories that we don’t leave the house without to make sure we capture all the necessary shots.

Spivo Stick

The Spivo stick is the first selfie stick that is more than a selfie stick. This fancy stick can spin your camera around and offer you the classic selfie shot or a normal shot with just a click of a button. The stick is built well and we never leave our house without it. The stick costs $50 so it is a bit pricey but we think it is worth the price.

ND Filter

If you're using your GoPro outside, you better make sure you have an ND filter attached to it! ND filters keep your footage smooth and clean in direct sunlight so that everything looks like it was shot in a movie. ND filters work by blocking out some of the light that hits your sensor so your camera has an easier time encoding the information. Remember though, if you go inside or are shooting in the dark, you have to remove these filters!


If your shooting anywhere near water or in the rain, make sure you have the Clarifii solution ready at all times. Clarifii was the first camera solution specifically designed to repel water drops off of your action camera housings, so when your filming in the water, you can still see your subject! We don’t recommend Rain X because it can destroy your lens. There are several screen protectors on the market that are hydrophobic, but they did not work well for us.

Mouth Mount

This mount is incredible! The ability to film and use both of your hands and capture everything around you is very valuable. We like the mouth mount more than the head mount because it offers a better viewing angle for what is going on with your hands.

Chest Mount

The chest mount gives you the same ability as the mouth mount; however, it shots a slightly downward angle. This disadvantage is made up for because this mount offers great audio for both your and what is happening in front of you!