How to Set Up Clarifii Auto

How to Set Up Clarifii Auto


Today we are going to discuss our process for setting up and getting the absolute best use out of the new Clarifii Auto Product!

Step 1: Deep Clean

Getting your camera/mirror/window clean before you use the Clarifii Auto solution is the most important step in this entire process. We need to make sure we remove all dirt, salt, or sediment on the lens. Following that removal, we need to make sure we remove any and all previous chemical shields applied to the lens. So if you did happen to apply some sort of previous water repellent (Rain-X) we need to make sure it is removed. 

This may involve using a glass cleaner like Windex or for a stronger and more effective clean, mix vinegar and water (1:1 ratio) and use that to remove any previous solution. 

Step 2:  Application

Now its time to apply Clarifi to our lens/mirror/window. Some things to keep in mind before applying.

1. Clarifii can not be applied in temperatures below 20 degrees F. 

2. The Clarifii chemical bonds break down at under 10 degrees, so if your vechile is left in these sorts of conditions for extended periods of time Clarifii may need to be reapplied. 

3. The more layers you add, the better the solution will work. 

So with these facts in mind, lets begin. If you are in cold temperatures near 20-25 degrees F use a warm washcloth to quickly heat the area you are applying the solution too (make sure you dry off the water so nothing freezes). If not, apply Clarifii directly to your lens preferably or a small towel. You should then take your towel and buff the Clarifii solution into the glass using small and powerful circular motions. 

Buff the solution into the glass until you stop seeing large streaks. Complete this process 1- 3 more times depending on available times. 

3. Reapply

When should you reapply? Clarifi ranges in how long the solution lasts depending on what sort of activies the solution is being put through. If you go through these situations, it may be time for you to reapply Clarifii. 

1. Car Wash: Soap can break down the chemical bonds of the Clarifii solution and cause poor results. If you go through a car wash or wash the area you apply the solution to by hand, make to reapply. 

2. Extreme Cold: The Clarifii chemical bronds can break down in extreme cold temperatures. The good thing is that snow doesn't really "stick" in extreme cold. Regardless, if your car cools down below 10 degrees for an extensive period of time then it might be time to reapply. 

3. Salt Infused Slush/Water: Continued exposure to salt water/slush can cause Clarifii to break down. If your roads were recently salted and you are hitting the Clarifii solution with to much salt water/slush, the chemical solution can break down.