How to Make Your Own Sanitizer

Yes, we sell personal care products. Yes, we are offering the option to buy hand sanitizer and other hygiene products from us. BUT we want to provide you with all of the tools and resources to stay safe and healthy out there. After all, our purpose is to provide affordable sanitation to all in the midst of this unprecedented time. So, we want to tell you how to make your own hand sanitizer, right in the comfort of your home. Ready? Here goes.


You will need:

  • ¾ cup 91 percent rubbing alcohol
  • ¼ cup Aloe vera gel


(Note: we recommend not adding essential oils or scents due to potential for skin irritation)



  • Pour all ingredients into a bowl
  • Mix with a spoon, then use a whisk to beat into a gel
  • Using the spout on the bowl or a funnel, pour sanitizer into preferred container
  • Make sure to clearly label the container as hand sanitizer, as this recipe can cause harm if ingested


WARNING: Homemade hand sanitizer is not intended for use by children. Improper ingredients or proportions may result in poor efficacy, skin irritation or burns.


Although we think homemade hand sanitizer can be a great option for someone who is not able to get their hands on the real product, there is a catch – it may not be as effective. Even if you follow a recipe, there is no guarantee that measurement error, unsterilized tools, or additional ingredients don’t get in the way by decreasing potency or contaminating the product. Further, there is the added risk of physical harm. The homemade version also tends be of poorer quality, as the gel often ends up separating and resulting in a liquid rather than a gel that is easy to apply.


If you are considering buying from us, rest assured that our FDA-regulated ingredients will provide you with an effective, high quality, and safe product, every time. However, we understand if creating this recipe at home is a better option for you at this time, or if you just need something to hold you over until your order arrives – just be sure to be clean and precise!



From the Clarifii team, to you, we hope you stay safe and healthy. We are grateful to be able to help in any way that we can.




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