How To Keep Your DSLR Water Drop Free

DSLR housings offer you the ability to capture shots you never really could before, but there comes challenges when using the housings. The biggest challenge of them all is keeping water drops off the under water housing. In this article, we talk about the ways in which to keep your lens clear in all conditions. 

With the housings having so many different options for lens ports, it is impossible to create a screen protector that works for all of them, so we will be using the Clarifii solution as our main tool. Clarifii repels water spots from all housings so you can worry about your shot. To optimize the Clarifii solution for these housings, several steps have to be taken. 

Step 1

 Make sure you clean your housing before applying the solution. Small amounts of oil on the housing can not only cause the solution to be less effective but also hurt the quality of your housing. We recommend using a lens cleaning solution and microfiber cloth for the best results. If you do not have these two solutions, rubbing alcohol and a paper towel work nearly as well. 

Step 2

 Apply the solution across the entire lens or port cover. After the solution is on the lens, use a small cloth or towel to buff the solution into the plastic. Use circular motions to apply the solution evenly.

Step 3

Dip the entire housing into the water to activate the solution. Clarifii works at the microscopic level to physical oppose the creation of small water drops. A microscopic layer will cover the surface of your lens; however, this layer is invisible to the sensor of your camera. Once you're in the water, try not to touch the lens with your hands in order to keep the solution at maximum strength. 

Step 4

Reapply when you head back to shore. The Clarifii solution works best when it is in the water consistently, so when you need a break from capturing incredible video, make sure you reapply when you go back into the water.