Getting Your GoPro Video to Instagram Stories

Ever wonder how those influencers always have the coolest Instagram stories (hint: its because they use a special camera)

Today we are talking about how to 

Get Your GoPro Video to Instagram Stories!

Pre Step: The GoPro Hero 6 and Hero 7 allow us to shoot and upload to Instagram Stories in a vertical mode! You just have to have your camera tilted in the tall position, no special buttons required. This isn't a required step, but it will give you a higher quality image when you export to Instagram!


Step 1: We have to open up the GoPro App to do this trick. This app can be downloaded from the Android or App store. Make sure before you open up the GoPro App, you are connected to your GoPro's Wifi signal. Not sure how to connect to the signal, watch this video


Step 2: Open up the GoPro App and select the bottom right icon to show us our video library. Select the clip you are going to want to upload. 



Step 3: Click the share button on the bottom right side of your screen once you have picked the right video. This will bring us to our screen where we have the ability to pan our video left and right (if we did not shoot our video vertically) and trim the video according to Instagram story sizes. Once you have your video centered and the right timecodes trimmed for your Instagram story, we are going to go up to the share button on the top right side of the screen. Don't worry though, we will still be able to do some other small edits in Instagram after this step. 



Step 4: Make some awesome edits to your video in Instagram and hit upload.