Clarifii: The New Product and Name

Clarifii: The New Product and Name

In 2017 we released GoSpot. GoSpot was the first water spot repellent of its kind. It was designed to let users focus on what they capture, not the condition of their lens. Whether you are swimming in the Pacific ocean capturing the north swell, or lounging in Lake Michigan, GoSpot always worked. Its formula out preformed any of its competitors because it was different than everyone elses: it was NOT a hydrophobic solution.

As the year continued we talked with the GoSpot ambassadors and users. We learned what they loved about the product and what they wanted to fix. Within time, we learned that our users were using GoSpot for more than just keeping their lens clear. We had producers putting the solution on the inside of their cameras to protect against fog, and swimmers using it on the inside of their goggles to keep them clear as they dove to unseen depths. 

With all of these incredible stories and experiences, we wanted to create a new formula. Something that protected against water droplets in new ways and kept fog off of all forms of glass and plastic. So our team created a new solution, and with a new solution comes a new name: Clarifii. 

Clarifii is everything that GoSpot was but better. Its solution is more powerful allowing for longer times between reapplications. It protects against both salt and fresh water. From the GoPro Hero cameras, to the DJI Phantom drones, Clarifii keeps your camera clear. However, now the solution has also been optimized for defogging solutions. Clarifii is the best defogger. Its solution protects against fog on all glass and plastic materials, from camera housings to swim goggles. We wanted to make GoSpot better, so we did. 

Austin Piwinski