Clarifii: The Story of Our Start

Clarifii was built because it was needed. Jason and I needed it, so we made it.

Jason Lees and I started the design of the product in 2016. At the time, we spent most of our time filming our videos on action cameras and drones. Being avid wakeboarders, we spent all of our summers on a boat. We were constantly looking for new ways to film each other so we decided that we needed to be closer to the action. We would follow behind each other, jumping over each other's lines while the other would shoot video. 

With all of the jumping, the filmer was constantly being bombarded with water, and we realized that even at high speeds, water would stick to the lens. It was impossible for us to reach or see the camera to try and push the water off the lens while we rode. After ruining a number of our jumps, we decided to do some quick internet searches for a product that would help us. Rain - X didn't work well for us, it just made the drops smaller. We spent more time looking and really couldn't find anything, so we decided we thought why not try it on our own. 

We failed a few times. Our first formula was essentially a weak hydrophobic solution. It worked "okay" in fresh water, but when we would go surfing, water laughed at it. So a few conversations later, we decided to test a new liquid idea. The liquid would cause water to clump together on your lens, increasing its density, and thus making it more likely to slide. 

It worked.

Now we sell this solution around the world. Jason and I have continued to push our team forward. We pride ourselves on the best service because we want to make peoples lives a little less stressful, just like Clarifii.

Our team and product is growing every day and the formula is still getting better. We are constantly updating the design. As a group, we are still small. Our office isn't much bigger than a large bedroom, but it radiates happiness and positivity. On the other hand we are strong as a group. We want to be great examples of a small business helping bring the world together with a great product and message.

Let's continue to make something special together.


Austin Piwinski