Clarifii Optic: Instructions

Let's dive into how to properly setup Clarifii Optic! 


Step 1: Clean

Our goal is to make our lenses as clean and smooth as possible so Clarifi Optic can stick. That process starts with a deep clean. We are going to use a lens cleaner or at home cleaning solution to clean our lens. 

For lenses with previous coatings, we recommend using a stronger cleaning agent like vinegar. Vinegar's acidic properties can help break away grime that normal lens cleaners can't seem to touch. 


Step 1a: Toothpaste

The next step in preparation is smoothing. Many modern lenses are fixed with AR coatings and to have Clarifii stick properly, we need to make sure we fix any imperfections on that AR coating. To do that, we are going to use toothpaste to help correct those imperfections. 

To keep our glasses protected but still utilize the toothpaste, we are going to use our finger to spread and buff the toothpaste onto our lens.


Step 2: Removal

Once you have buffed your toothpaste onto your lens, use some warm water to remove it and let your lens dry.


Step 3: Application

Now its time to open up your Clarifii! Take your drop bottle and evenly coat the lens. We want to make sure the entire lens is covered and bubble-free! If you need to, feel free to use your finger to move the solution around the lens for an even coating.


Step 4: Dry

Let your lens dry for about 5-10 minutes. Once you let the solution dry, you are ready to get out and go!